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Date Venue Competition Team Gender
16/08/1997 Leeds A Team Male
02/08/2008 Wavertree A Team Male
05/06/2004 Wavertree A Team Male
08/08/1998 Barking A Team Male
07/06/2008 Birmingham A Team Female
29/08/2004 Cudwoth Cup Male
02/07/2006 Sportcity C Team Male
23/05/2004 Wigan A Team Female
07/06/2009 Sheffield A Team Male
07/05/1994 Stockport B Team Male
06/06/1998 Bolton B Team Male
04/07/2009 Grangemouth A Team Female
18/09/1994 Bedford Cup Male
04/06/1994 Ashton Under-lyme B Team Male
05/07/2009 Stretford B Team Female
07/06/1997 Gateshead A Team Male
05/06/1999 Stretford B Team Male
26/07/2009 Stretford Junior Male
04/06/2005 Eton A Team Male
24/08/2011 watford Junior Male
02/08/2009 Cleckheaton C Team Female
07/07/1990 Wimbledon A Team Male
25/04/2010 South Leeds Stadium Junior Male
17/08/1991 Sheffield Cup Male
06/08/2006 SportCity B Team Male
05/06/2010 Cardiff A Team Male
12/09/1992 Bedford A Team Male
19/08/2006 Bedford Cup Female
03/08/2002 Copthall A Team Male
27/06/2010 York Junior Female
31/07/1994 Kingston Cup Male
02/06/2007 Macclesfield C Team Male
10/09/2005 Cleckheaton B Team Male
03/05/2008 South Leeds B Team Male
11/07/1999 Peterborough A Team Male
05/07/2008 Carlisle A Team Male
03/08/2003 Eton A Team Male
30/09/2002 Stretford Junior Male
22/06/2019 Stretford A Team Male
07/09/2014 Stockport Junior Male
24/08/2003 Cudworth Cup Male
06/05/2006 Copthall A Team Male
03/08/2008 Stretford C Team Female
26/06/2004 Stretford Cup Male
31/07/1999 Wavertree A Team Male
13/09/2008 SportCity Northern Cup Female
03/08/2002 Hendon A Team Female
17/08/1996 Oldham B Team Male
06/06/2009 Leeds C Team Male
07/05/2005 Sutton Arena A Team Male
07/08/1993 Stretford B Team Male
08/08/2009 Copthall Cup Male
03/06/1995 Stretford B Team Male
26/04/2009 St. Helens Junior Female
11/07/1998 Grimsby Cup Male
15/05/1999 Blackburn B Team Male
02/05/2009 Stretford C Team Female
29/07/1989 Wakefield Cup Male
28/08/2000 Cudworth Cup Male
25/07/2009 Wigan Northern Cup Female
01/09/1990 Wigan Cup Male
01/05/2010 Ellesmere Port B Team Female
09/05/1992 Hull A Team Male
27/08/2006 Cudworth Cup Male
08/06/2002 Bebington B Team Male
05/06/2010 Macclesfield C Team Male
08/05/1993 Rotherham A Team Male
02/06/2007 Wigan B Team Male
17/08/2002 Bedford Cup Male
16/07/2005 Derby Cup Male
01/07/1995 Hendon A Team Female
05/06/1993 Gateshead A Team Male
09/07/1977 Edinburgh A Team Male
10/05/2008 Carlisle Junior Male
07/06/2003 Wigan B Team Male
07/09/1996 Cannock A Team Male
06/07/2008 Leigh C Team Male
06/07/1997 Bebbington A Team Male
30/04/1988 Wythenshawe A Team Male
01/05/2004 Stockport B Team Male
03/06/2006 Gateshead B Team Male
06/09/2008 Bedford 10 in 100 Male
31/07/2004 Deeside B Team Male
02/07/2006 Wavertree B Team Male
03/08/2003 Grangemouth A Team Female
03/09/1988 Bolton A Team Male
04/08/2007 Grangemouth A Team Female
09/08/1997 Wakefield Cup Male
04/07/2009 SportCity A Team Male
06/08/1994 Kirby A Team Male
05/06/1993 Warrington B Team Male
06/06/2009 Blackburn B Team Female
04/05/1996 Leeds B Team Male
14/06/2009 Wigan Junior Male
19/08/1989 Leverhulme Cup Male
05/07/2009 Becketts Park, Leeds C Team Female
10/06/1990 Crawley A Team Male
07/07/1991 Derby Cup Male
29/07/2006 Derby Cup Male
26/08/2001 Cudworth Cup Male

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