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3rd U13 Boy

51st U13 Boy

225th U13 Boy

245th U13 Boy

265th U13 Boy

Top 3 u15 Boys

85th u15 Girl

120th u15 Girl

154th u15 Girl

227th u15 Girl

235th u15 Girl

265th u15 Girl

270th u15 Girl

U15 Girls Squad

20th u15 Boy

30th u15 Boy

47th u15 Boy

59th u15 Boy

97th u15 Boy

139th u15 Boy

210th u15 Boy

1st Team u15 Boys

23rd u17 Women

27th u17 women

30th u17 women

150th u17 women

199th u17 women

1st Northern Team, 4th overall

11th u17 Men

72nd u17 Men

99th u17 Men

125th u17 Men

126th u17 Men

155th u17 Men

185th u17 Men

196th u17 Men

201st u17 Men

232nd u17 Men

238th u17 Men

241st u17 Men

246th u17 Men

145th u20 Men

236th Senior Women

253rd Senior Women

262nd Senior Women

705th Senior Women

33rd Team and 12th Northern Team

308th Senior Men

407th Senior Men

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