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U11 Start

3rd u11 boy

5th u11 boy

21st u11 boy

22nd u11 boy

13th U13 boy

15th U13 boy

2nd U13 girl

10th U13 girl

30th U13 boy

19th U13 girl

36th U13 boy

26th U13 girl

U13 Boys Team

1st U13 Girls Team

6th u15 boy

7th u15 boy

11th u15 boy

16th u15 boy

26th u15 boy

27th u15 boy

29th u15 boy

30th u15 boy

3rd U15 girl

11th u15 girl

14th u15 girl

18th u15 girl

27th u15 girl

1st U15 Girls Team + Fay

Start of u17 race

1st u17 Man

3rd u17 Man

4th u17 Man

10th u17 Man

5th u17 Woman

12th u17 Woman

7th Senior Wonan

9th Senior Woman

51st Senior Woman

71st Senior Woman

172nd Senior Woman

4th Senior Man

11th Senior Man

23rd Senior Man

45th Senior Man

132nd Senior Man

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