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2 October 2020

Power of 10 & Age Group Performances

You may be aware that UKA have extended the official T & F season until the end of October.


Consequently our meetings upto and including 10th October were based on this extension.


We have altered the age groups for our meetings from 24th October onwards to reflect the the next year`s age groups, as is standard. In effect all our events in our 'Summer Series' up to and including 10 Oct use 2020 age groups and our 'Winter Series' starting on 24 Oct will use 2021 age groups.


These changes are not necessarily being fully reflected on Power of 10.


For example, a second year U15 athlete who competes in October may appear in the results as an older age group but on their profile their performance will appear in their current age group.


We have been in touch with Power of 10 and both UKA and EA and have received the following from Power of 10 ;


“ We have added an explanation to our HELP tab which explains the age groups relating to the Power of 10 & you can see it here:


Although the athletes may be competing in their 2020 summer season age groups, for Power of 10 purposes they will have to count in their new age groups from yesterday “


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