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28 September 2020

Open Meeting 24th October Info

Please note this meeting is run under next year's age groups

Event Age Groups
75 Metres U11M,U11F,U13M,U13F
100 Metres U15M,U15F,U17M,U17F,U20M,U20F,SM,SF
150 Metres U11M,U11F,U13M,U13F
200 Metres U15M,U15F,U17M,U17F,U20M,U20F,SM,SF
300 Metres U15M,U15F,U17F
400 Metres U17M,U17F,U20M,U20F,SM,SF
600 Metres U11M,U11F
800 Metres U13M,U13F,U15M,U15F,U17M,U17F,U20M,U20F,SM,SF
1200 Metres U13M,U13F
1500 Metres U15M,U15F,U17M,U17F,U20M,U20F,SM,SF
3000 Metres U15M,U15F,U17M,U17F,U20M,U20F,SM,SF
Javelin (400g) U13M,U13F
Javelin (500g) U15F,U17F
Javelin (600g) U15M,U20F,SF
Javelin (700g) U17M
Javelin (800g) U20M,SM
Discus (0.75k) U13F
Discus (1k) U13M,U15F,U17F,U20F,SF
Discus (1.25k) U15M
Discus (1.5k) U17M
Discus (1.75k) U20M
Discus (2k) SM
Shot Put (2.72k) U13F
Shot Put (3k) U13M,U15F,U17F
Shot Put (4k) U15M,U20F,SF
Shot Put (5k) U17M
Shot Put (6k) U20M
Shot Put (7.26k) SM

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