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26 September 2021

Combined Events/Open Meeting 26th September - Track Results

T1 110mH+1.8
1204William HodiU20MNairn15.7(HT)
2203Sam CouplandU20MSouthport & Waterloo17.6(HT)
3207George WhittakerU20MBlackburn18.7(HT)
4206Harvey NobleU20MPreston20.8(HT)
5202Kyle Neal (U17)U20MGloucester21.5(HT)
6208Lee CouplandV45MSouthport & Waterloo23.1(HT)
T2 100mH U17 + V50
1213Jonathan CameronU17MInverclyde15.44
2214George LoweU17MPreston17.27
3209Phil RobinsonV50MSt Helens Sutton22.02
T3 75mH U15 Girls Race 1-1.5
1260Katie BattleU15FRotherham16.78
2262Lola PottsU15FBury17.63
DNF258Tiana ChambersU15FSouthport & Waterloo
T4 75mH U15 Girls Race 2-2.2
1251Imogen LaneU15FCoventry Godiva13.67
2240Amelia BlakeleyU15FStockport14.41
3263Polly FordhamU15FBury14.65
4245Charlotte HughesU15FSouthport & Waterloo14.83
5248Hannah KeenanU15FSouthport & Waterloo14.94
T5 75mH U15 Girls Race 3-1.0
1264Laila HerstellU15FSale13.43
2247Edith NixonU15FCrewe & Nantwich13.86
3250Imogen CarewU15FWirral14.22
T6 74mH U15 Girls Race 4-1.0
1257Saffron MeadeU15FStockport13.03
2243Apphia KennanU15FSouthport & Waterloo13.21
3253Jemima MilesU15FBury13.39
4242Anna GisbourneU15FBury13.68
T7 75mH U15 Girls Race 5-0.5
1256Lucy SalterU15FCrewe & Nantwich12.21
2259Victoria AnestikU15FFalkirk12.31
3261Ellen MacLeodU15FBanchory Stonehaven12.88
4254Lauren ByrneU15FSouthport & Waterloo13.15
T8 75mH U13 Boys Race 1-2.6
1271Theo MylesU13MGloucester14.32
2268Jacob LeighU13MGloucester14.76
3265Oliver CooperU13MBury16.63
T9 75mH U13 Boys Race 2-2.6
1266James HowarthU13MCrewe & Nantwich13.37
2267Oliver JohnsonU13MCrewe & Nantwich13.64
3269Edward MooreU13MWirral13.78
T10 200mH-1.8
161Chloe EsegbonaSENFTrafford AC29.64
2115Lisa HallidayU17FWarrington AC32.64
3102Imogen DavenportU17FTrafford AC35.99
DNF50Ben BoocockU17MBlackburn Harriers
T11 5000m
193Harry BlackburnSENMKnowsley Harriers AC16:08.89PB
2127Peter WoodwardSENMForest of Dean AC16:35.51
394Harry SweeneyU20MLiverpool Harriers & AC17:10.41PB
4134Sarah Dufour-JacksonSENFVale Royal AC17:59.36PB
DNF122Martin ReidV40MBolton United Harriers & AC
T12 U17/U20 Women 800m
1218Molly FirthU17FHalifax2:21.03
2216Darcy BreenU17FStockport2:28.17
3220Amber HughesU17FSouthport & Waterloo2:29.78
4219Grace GannonU17FCity of York2:36.61
5223May MannionU17FEast Cheshire2:37.59
6210Poppy PreeceU20FBlackburn2:39.04
7217Reilly CarsonU17FBury2:42.49
8226Charli SampsonU17FCharnwood2:43.98
9225Ella SalihU17FSale2:49.54
10222Jessica KeenanU17FSouthport & Waterloo3:13.75
T13 U17/U20/SEN Men 1500m
1213Jonathan CameronU17MInverclyde4:35.41
2202Kyle Neal (U17)U20MGloucester4:55.42
3203Sam CouplandU20MSouthport & Waterloo5:13.89
4207George WhittakerU20MBlackburn5:25.70
5209Phil RobinsonV50MSt Helens Sutton5:46.25
6208Lee CouplandV45MSouthport & Waterloo6:29.82
T14 U13 Boys 800m
1267Oliver JohnsonU13MCrewe & Nantwich2:40.63
2271Theo MylesU13MGloucester2:47.62
3265Oliver CooperU13MBury2:49.58
4269Edward MooreU13MWirral2:50.38
5268Jacob LeighU13MGloucester3:00.46
6266James HowarthU13MCrewe & Nantwich3:07.83
T15 U15 Girls 800m Heat 1
1242Anna GisbourneU15FBury2:16.33
2260Katie BattleU15FRotherham2:22.78
3248Hannah KeenanU15FSouthport & Waterloo2:43.52
4262Lola PottsU15FBury2:43.73
5263Polly FordhamU15FBury2:47.85
6245Charlotte HughesU15FSouthport & Waterloo3:01.75
7240Amelia BlakeleyU15FStockport3:04.68
8258Tiana ChambersU15FSouthport & Waterloo3:12.73
9253Jemima MilesU15FBury3:15.09
DNS247Edith NixonU15FCrewe & Nantwich
T16 U15 Girls 800m Heat 2
1257Saffron MeadeU15FStockport2:27.22
2261Ellen MacLeodU15FBanchory Stonehaven2:29.24
3259Victoria AnestikU15FFalkirk2:35.07
4256Lucy SalterU15FCrewe & Nantwich2:36.12
5250Imogen CarewU15FWirral2:37.70
6251Imogen LaneU15FCoventry Godiva2:40.64
7243Apphia KennanU15FSouthport & Waterloo2:43.59
8264Laila HerstellU15FSale2:47.30
9254Lauren ByrneU15FSouthport & Waterloo3:14.89

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