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29 May 2022

Upper YDL - 29th May - Results

T02 400m Hurdles U17 Men
1CAPreston Harriers65.92
2EATrafford AC71.19
T03 400m Hurdles U20 Women
14ASale Harriers Manchester64.19
25ATrafford AC67.77
344BSale Harriers Manchester69.57
T04 A & B 300m Hurdles U17 Women
1BANorth Wales45.56
2CAPreston Harriers49.74
3DASale Harriers Manchester50.26
4BBBNorth Wales54.34
NS 300m Hurdles
1385 53.41
2382 53.76
T05 U20 Men 1500m
14ASale Harriers Manchester4:12.57
25ATrafford AC4:20.29
344BSale Harriers Manchester4:25.26
41ALiverpool Harriers & AC4:27.80
511BLiverpool Harriers & AC4:35.38
T06 U17 Men 1500m
1AALiverpool Harriers & AC4:17.94
2EATrafford AC4:25.33
3EEBTrafford AC4:27.44
4AABLiverpool Harriers & AC4:29.67
5DASale Harriers Manchester4:34.89
6DDBSale Harriers Manchester5:03.40
T07 U20 Women 1500m
15ATrafford AC4:54.36
21ALiverpool Harriers & AC4:54.88
33APreston Harriers5:10.43
T08 U17 1500m Women
1AALiverpool Harriers & AC4:49.70
2AABLiverpool Harriers & AC5:08.34
3EATrafford AC5:10.30
T09 U20 Men 100M A-0.3
14ASale Harriers Manchester11.22
21ALiverpool Harriers & AC11.38
35ATrafford AC11.49
32ANorth Wales11.49
53APreston Harriers12.58
T09 U20 Mens B 100m +1.4
144BSale Harriers Manchester11.40
255BTrafford AC11.65
322BNorth Wales11.85
433BPreston Harriers12.79
511BLiverpool Harriers & AC12.95
T10 U17 Mens 100m A+0.7
1DASale Harriers Manchester11.30
2AALiverpool Harriers & AC11.65
3BANorth Wales11.76
4CAPreston Harriers11.77
5EATrafford AC12.28
T10 U17 Mens 100m B+0.9
1DDBSale Harriers Manchester11.32
2BBBNorth Wales11.85
3CCBPreston Harriers11.87
4EEBTrafford AC12.03
T13 100m Mens+0.2
1377 11.40
2400 11.80
3398 12.27
4394 12.65
5497 12.74
T11 U20 Womens 100m A+0.5
14ASale Harriers Manchester12.72
22ANorth Wales12.77
33APreston Harriers12.91
45ATrafford AC13.16
T11 U20 Womens 100m B+0.2
144BSale Harriers Manchester13.08
222BNorth Wales13.12
355BTrafford AC13.59
433BPreston Harriers13.84
T12 U17 Womens 100m A+0.5
1CAPreston Harriers12.28
2AALiverpool Harriers & AC12.53
3BANorth Wales12.89
4EATrafford AC13.77
T12 U17 Women B 100m+0.7
1CCBPreston Harriers12.51
2AABLiverpool Harriers & AC12.96
3BBBNorth Wales13.00
4EEBTrafford AC14.08
NS 100m Womens+1.8
1390 13.49
2383 14.33
T13 U20 Mens A & B 400m
15ATrafford AC50.58
23APreston Harriers52.95
355BTrafford AC53.50
433BPreston Harriers54.07
54ASale Harriers Manchester55.31
T14 U17 mens 400m A & B
1EATrafford AC50.57
2BANorth Wales52.22
3BBBNorth Wales53.58
4AALiverpool Harriers & AC54.54
5DASale Harriers Manchester60.49
T15 U20 Womens 400m A
11ALiverpool Harriers & AC56.50
24ASale Harriers Manchester59.47
35ATrafford AC59.84
43APreston Harriers60.54
52ANorth Wales65.81
T15 U20 Womens 400m B
144BSale Harriers Manchester60.65
211BLiverpool Harriers & AC62.70
T16 U17 Womens 300m A
1DASale Harriers Manchester41.28
2CAPreston Harriers42.23
3EATrafford AC42.63
4AALiverpool Harriers & AC43.20
5BANorth Wales47.12
T16 U17 Womens 300m B
1EEBTrafford AC45.65
2BBBNorth Wales46.26
3AABLiverpool Harriers & AC46.80
T17 U17 Women 80m Hurdles A-0.7
1DASale Harriers Manchester11.65
2BANorth Wales12.09
3CAPreston Harriers12.40
4EATrafford AC13.25
5AALiverpool Harriers & AC14.37
T17 U17 Women 80m Hurdles B+0.2
1BBBNorth Wales12.60
2CCBPreston Harriers12.97
T18 Mens 3000m
1EATrafford AC10:02.41
21ALiverpool Harriers & AC10:07.83
35ATrafford AC10:13.40
4EEBTrafford AC10:35.87
5DASale Harriers Manchester11:51.69
T22 100m Hurdles U20 Women A & B+1.2
14ASale Harriers Manchester14.90
244BSale Harriers Manchester16.33
35ATrafford AC16.61
4BANorth Wales19.02
T20 100m Hurdles U17 Men A+0.2
1AALiverpool Harriers & AC14.32
2DASale Harriers Manchester14.67
3CAPreston Harriers14.78
T21 Womens 3000m
1BANorth Wales10:07.73
2AALiverpool Harriers & AC12:26.66
34ASale Harriers Manchester12:51.24
4EEBTrafford AC13:38.98
5EATrafford AC13:49.86
T22 110m Hurdles U20 Men+0.8
13APreston Harriers15.34
233BPreston Harriers17.89
T23 200m U20 Men A+0.7
14ASale Harriers Manchester22.22
21ALiverpool Harriers & AC22.32
32ANorth Wales22.70
45ATrafford AC22.82
53APreston Harriers24.87
T23 Mens 200m U20 B+1.1
144BSale Harriers Manchester22.56
222BNorth Wales23.17
355BTrafford AC23.23
T24 U17 Mens 200m A+0.7
1DASale Harriers Manchester22.67
2CAPreston Harriers23.47
3AALiverpool Harriers & AC23.59
4BANorth Wales23.84
5EATrafford AC24.60
T24 U17 Men 200m B & NS+0.4
1DDBSale Harriers Manchester23.41
2BBBNorth Wales23.75
3400 24.70
4394 25.69
5EEBTrafford AC26.70
T25 U20 Womens 200m A+0.5
11ALiverpool Harriers & AC25.63
22ANorth Wales26.05
33APreston Harriers27.10
45ATrafford AC27.52
54ASale Harriers Manchester27.57
T25 U20 Womens 200m B+2.4
122BNorth Wales26.83
244BSale Harriers Manchester27.16
333BPreston Harriers27.44
411BLiverpool Harriers & AC27.86
T26 U17 Women 200m A+1.1
1AALiverpool Harriers & AC25.44
2CAPreston Harriers25.73
3DASale Harriers Manchester26.17
4BANorth Wales26.23
5EATrafford AC28.12
T26 U17 Womens 200m B+0.2
1CCBPreston Harriers25.8(HT)
2AABLiverpool Harriers & AC26.8(HT)
3EEBTrafford AC28.0(HT)
4521 29.5(HT)
5BBBNorth Wales30.2(HT)
T27 U20 Mens 800m A
12ANorth Wales2:02.48
23APreston Harriers2:06.32
35ATrafford AC2:07.63
41ALiverpool Harriers & AC2:14.03
T27 U20 Mens 800m B
144BSale Harriers Manchester2:08.04
255BTrafford AC2:18.20
T28 800m U17 Mens A & B
1EATrafford AC2:04.46
2AALiverpool Harriers & AC2:05.49
3CAPreston Harriers2:06.51
4DASale Harriers Manchester2:11.70
5EEBTrafford AC2:14.73
6DDBSale Harriers Manchester2:18.65
T29 U20 Womens 800m A & B & NS
13APreston Harriers2:21.72
25ATrafford AC2:24.67
34ASale Harriers Manchester2:27.19
444BSale Harriers Manchester2:32.97
5391 2:42.36
T30 U17 Women 800m A & B
1EATrafford AC2:21.20
2DASale Harriers Manchester2:24.63
3BANorth Wales2:30.85
4BBBNorth Wales2:45.24
T31 U20 Mens 2000m SC
DQ4ASale Harriers Manchester
DQ44BSale Harriers Manchester
T32 4 x 100m U17 Womens
1CAPreston Harriers48.70
2AALiverpool Harriers & AC52.34
3EATrafford AC54.10
4BANorth Wales54.45
T33 U17 Men 4 x 100m
1BANorth Wales46.98
2DASale Harriers Manchester47.52
3EATrafford AC50.79
T34 U20 Women 4 x 100m
12ANorth Wales51.70
21ALiverpool Harriers & AC52.37
33APreston Harriers52.47
44ASale Harriers Manchester52.69
55ATrafford AC54.29
T35 U20 Men 4 x 100m
14ASale Harriers Manchester45.02
25ATrafford AC45.36
31ALiverpool Harriers & AC45.68
42ANorth Wales46.35
53APreston Harriers47.70
T36 U17 Men 1500m SC
1EATrafford AC5:32.87
2EEBTrafford AC5:33.02
T37 Women 1500m SC
1EATrafford AC5:25.89
2BANorth Wales5:32.61
35ATrafford AC5:40.21
4EEBTrafford AC6:48.59
T38 U17 Women 4 x 300m
1CAPreston Harriers3:03.88
2AALiverpool Harriers & AC3:04.47
3BANorth Wales3:05.57
4EATrafford AC3:05.73
T39 U17 Men 4 x 400m
1EATrafford AC4:00.00
T40 U20 Women 4 x 400m
14ASale Harriers Manchester4:02.98
22ANorth Wales4:24.37
33APreston Harriers4:36.40

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