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21 May 2022

LYDL 21st May - Results

T1 70m Hurdles Girls A u13-0.8
11APreston Harriers11.82
26AWirral AC12.34
35AWest Cheshire AC12.40
42ASale Harriers Manchester12.41
54ATrafford AC12.58
63ATeam IOM13.89
T2 70m Hurdles Girls B u13-2.2
166BWirral AC12.79
255BWest Cheshire AC13.05
311BPreston Harriers13.33
444BTrafford AC14.11
533BTeam IOM14.40
T3 75m Hurdles Boys A u13-1.0
16AWirral AC14.21
23ATeam IOM15.88
31APreston Harriers16.49
42ASale Harriers Manchester16.90
55AWest Cheshire AC16.98
64ATrafford AC18.03
T4 75m Hurdles U13 Boys B-0.7
166BWirral AC14.40
255BWest Cheshire AC16.47
311BPreston Harriers17.03
41XABorder Harriers17.64
544BTrafford AC18.00
633BTeam IOM18.15
T5 75m Hurdles U15 Girls A+0.6
12ASale Harriers Manchester11.89
25AWest Cheshire AC12.27
33ATeam IOM12.63
41APreston Harriers12.96
56AWirral AC13.46
64ATrafford AC14.69
T6 75m Hurdles U15 Girls B-1.5
122BSale Harriers Manchester13.17
211BPreston Harriers13.63
366BWirral AC14.08
433BTeam IOM14.29
555BWest Cheshire AC15.80
644BTrafford AC19.60
T7 75m Hurdles U15 Girls A match 2-0.2
15XASalford Mets13.42
T8 80m Hurdles U15 Boys A-1.4
11APreston Harriers13.20
22ASale Harriers Manchester13.58
33ATeam IOM13.69
44ATrafford AC13.92
DNF6AWirral AC
T9 80mH B U15 boys-0.4
144BTrafford AC16.19
266BWirral AC16.37
333BTeam IOM17.08
T10 150m U13 Girls A-0.9
16AWirral AC20.89
21APreston Harriers20.94
32ASale Harriers Manchester20.98
45AWest Cheshire AC21.20
54ATrafford AC21.40
63ATeam IOM21.43
T11 150m U13 girls B-0.4
155BWest Cheshire AC21.18
211BPreston Harriers21.38
322BSale Harriers Manchester21.65
466BWirral AC22.39
544BTrafford AC23.14
633BTeam IOM23.41
T12 U13 girls 150m A/B match 2+0.4
12XAEast Cheshire22.23
23XAHorwich RMI Harriers22.33
35XASalford Mets23.69
422XBEast Cheshire24.37
533XBHorwich RMI Harriers24.99
T13 150m U13 boys A+0.6
16AWirral AC19.72
24ATrafford AC19.93
31APreston Harriers19.99
42ASale Harriers Manchester20.16
53ATeam IOM24.19
T14 U13 boys 150m B-0.8
144BTrafford AC20.51
222BSale Harriers Manchester21.41
366BWirral AC22.77
433BTeam IOM23.16
T15 U13 boys 150m A match 2-1.0
13XAHorwich RMI Harriers20.03
25XASalford Mets23.32
31XABorder Harriers23.56
44XAManchester Harriers & AC24.42
T16 U13 boys 150m B match 2-1.8
111XBBorder Harriers22.42
233XBHorwich RMI Harriers24.01
344XBManchester Harriers & AC25.86
T17 U15 girls 200m A-1.2
15AWest Cheshire AC26.08
24ATrafford AC26.23
36AWirral AC26.53
42ASale Harriers Manchester27.62
51APreston Harriers28.84
63ATeam IOM28.84
T18 U15 girls 200m B+0.2
166BWirral AC27.48
255BWest Cheshire AC27.79
344BTrafford AC28.27
433BTeam IOM28.84
511BPreston Harriers28.93
622BSale Harriers Manchester29.33
T19 U15 girls 200m A/B match 2-0.2
13XAHorwich RMI Harriers27.31
22XAEast Cheshire28.46
31XABorder Harriers29.89
422XBEast Cheshire30.09
54XAManchester Harriers & AC31.23
T20 U15 boys 200m A-1.1
15AWest Cheshire AC24.99
24ATrafford AC25.43
31APreston Harriers25.52
42ASale Harriers Manchester26.14
56AWirral AC27.84
63ATeam IOM29.03
T21 U15 boys 200m B-0.7
122BSale Harriers Manchester25.66
211BPreston Harriers26.12
344BTrafford AC26.13
433BTeam IOM26.94
566BWirral AC30.59
T22 U15 boys 200m A/B match 2-1.3
12XAEast Cheshire27.91
222XBEast Cheshire29.83
T23 U13 girls 800m A
12ASale Harriers Manchester2:35.80
24ATrafford AC2:37.13
36AWirral AC2:38.69
43ATeam IOM2:52.28
51APreston Harriers2:53.25
65AWest Cheshire AC2:56.99
T24 U13 girls 800m B
122BSale Harriers Manchester2:41.80
244BTrafford AC2:50.85
333BTeam IOM2:59.96
455BWest Cheshire AC3:05.29
DQ66BWirral AC
T25 U13 girls 800m A/B match 2 + NS match 2
122 n/s 2:48.11
22 n/s 2:57.52
32XAEast Cheshire3:05.22
422XBEast Cheshire3:24.38
T26 U13 boys 800m A
11APreston Harriers2:21.88
26AWirral AC2:26.40
32ASale Harriers Manchester2:30.62
43ATeam IOM2:35.40
54ATrafford AC2:37.56
65AWest Cheshire AC2:43.34
T27 U13 boys B
111BPreston Harriers2:34.45
233BTeam IOM2:37.76
322BSale Harriers Manchester2:40.03
466BWirral AC2:40.95
544BTrafford AC2:45.94
655BWest Cheshire AC2:53.65
T28 U13 boys 800m A/B match 2
12XAEast Cheshire2:32.56
26 n/s 2:37.43
33XAHorwich RMI Harriers2:37.67
42 n/s 2:38.58
54 n/s 2:39.09
61XABorder Harriers2:45.90
74XAManchester Harriers & AC3:07.48
T29 U15 800m A
15AWest Cheshire AC2:16.96
21APreston Harriers2:17.31
36AWirral AC2:26.70
44ATrafford AC2:27.11
52ASale Harriers Manchester2:34.04
63ATeam IOM2:42.50
T30 U15 girls 800m B
144BTrafford AC2:23.55
255BWest Cheshire AC2:23.58
322BSale Harriers Manchester2:30.50
411BPreston Harriers2:34.38
566BWirral AC2:37.23
633BTeam IOM2:42.50
T31 U15 girls 800m A/B match 2
12XAEast Cheshire2:16.24
222XBEast Cheshire2:37.87
33XAHorwich RMI Harriers2:45.59
T32 U15 girls 800m NS
14 n/s 2:28.56
244 n/s 2:30.36
366 n/s 2:42.51
42X n/s 2:48.60
52 n/s 2:49.69
T33 U15 boys 800m A
12ASale Harriers Manchester2:07.44
24ATrafford AC2:09.62
31APreston Harriers2:19.41
46AWirral AC2:22.40
55AWest Cheshire AC2:27.17
63ATeam IOM2:27.23
T34 U15 boys 800m B
111BPreston Harriers2:21.19
244BTrafford AC2:21.22
366BWirral AC2:27.01
422BSale Harriers Manchester2:27.79
T35 U15 boys 800m A/B match 2
13XAHorwich RMI Harriers2:18.12
233XBHorwich RMI Harriers2:34.50
32XAEast Cheshire2:41.34
422XBEast Cheshire2:47.89
T36 U15 boys 800m NS
16 n/s 2:22.10
244 n/s 2:22.17
34 n/s 2:26.48
42 n/s 2:30.56
522 n/s 2:39.95
666 n/s 2:44.30
T37 U13 girls 75m A-1.3
12ASale Harriers Manchester10.40
26AWirral AC10.66
35AWest Cheshire AC10.68
41APreston Harriers10.76
53ATeam IOM11.11
64ATrafford AC11.23
T38 U13 girls 75m B-0.1
122BSale Harriers Manchester10.85
211BPreston Harriers10.93
355BWest Cheshire AC10.95
444BTrafford AC11.20
566BWirral AC11.37
633BTeam IOM11.46
T39 U13 girls 75m A/B match 2-0.3
14XAManchester Harriers & AC10.85
23XAHorwich RMI Harriers11.13
333XBHorwich RMI Harriers11.40
42XAEast Cheshire11.84
55XASalford Mets11.92
644XBManchester Harriers & AC12.06
722XBEast Cheshire12.92
T40 U13 girls 75m NS-0.1
155 n/s 10.73
25 n/s 10.95
311 n/s 11.07
466 n/s 11.44
54 n/s 11.58
63X n/s 12.15
71 n/s 12.56
T41 U13 girls 75m NS 2+0.8
155 n/s 11.04
22X n/s 11.57
344 n/s 12.07
422X n/s 12.98
53X n/s 13.92
T42 U13 boys 75m A-0.1
12ASale Harriers Manchester10.20
24ATrafford AC10.26
33ATeam IOM10.97
46AWirral AC11.00
51APreston Harriers11.04
65AWest Cheshire AC12.32
T43 U13 boys 75m B-0.2
144BTrafford AC10.67
222BSale Harriers Manchester11.22
311BPreston Harriers11.36
466BWirral AC11.37
533BTeam IOM11.63
655BWest Cheshire AC11.83
T44 U13 boys 75m A/B match 2-0.2
13XAHorwich RMI Harriers10.17
22XAEast Cheshire11.09
35XASalford Mets11.56
433XBHorwich RMI Harriers12.01
522XBEast Cheshire12.02
655XBSalford Mets12.06
T45 U13 boys 75m NS-0.7
12 n/s 10.65
26 n/s 11.53
34 n/s 12.36
45X n/s 12.91
T46 U13 boys 75m NS 2-0.5
13 n/s 10.91
21 n/s 11.85
333X n/s 12.12
444 n/s 12.46
T47 U15 girls 100m A-1.7
15AWest Cheshire AC12.63
22ASale Harriers Manchester13.22
36AWirral AC13.25
44ATrafford AC13.27
51APreston Harriers13.49
63ATeam IOM13.94
T48 U15 girls 100m B-0.3
155BWest Cheshire AC13.23
222BSale Harriers Manchester13.53
344BTrafford AC13.66
411BPreston Harriers13.97
566BWirral AC13.99
633BTeam IOM14.49
T49 U15 girls 100m A/B match 2+0.9
13XAHorwich RMI Harriers13.31
21XABorder Harriers14.11
32XAEast Cheshire14.23
422XBEast Cheshire14.48
544BTrafford AC14.54
633BTeam IOM16.43
T50 U15 girls 100m NS+0.9
15 n/s 13.27
266 n/s 13.37
311 n/s 13.67
44 n/s 13.82
51 n/s 13.83
655 n/s 14.05
T51 U15 boys 100m A-1.2
11APreston Harriers12.26
22ASale Harriers Manchester12.27
34ATrafford AC12.52
45AWest Cheshire AC12.60
53ATeam IOM13.18
66AWirral AC13.81
T52 U15 boys 100m B-0.1
111BPreston Harriers12.39
222BSale Harriers Manchester12.56
344BTrafford AC12.67
433BTeam IOM12.96
566BWirral AC14.35
T53 U15 boys 100m A/B match 2-0.3
13XAHorwich RMI Harriers12.77
22XAEast Cheshire13.42
35XASalford Mets13.54
44XAManchester Harriers & AC13.88
544XBManchester Harriers & AC14.28
633XBHorwich RMI Harriers14.38
755XBSalford Mets14.61
T54 U15 boys 100m NS-0.1
122 n/s 12.91
22 n/s 13.03
31 n/s 13.36
444 n/s 13.46
54 n/s 13.67
66 n/s 14.31
T55 U 15 girls 300m A
16AWirral AC41.95
25AWest Cheshire AC42.82
31APreston Harriers42.83
44ATrafford AC46.13
52ASale Harriers Manchester46.59
63ATeam IOM48.26
T56 U15 girls 300m B
166BWirral AC43.76
211BPreston Harriers44.30
344BTrafford AC44.92
422BSale Harriers Manchester45.99
533BTeam IOM46.30
655BWest Cheshire AC46.47
T57 U15 girls 300m match 2
12ASale Harriers Manchester41.49
222XBEast Cheshire46.47
333XBHorwich RMI Harriers52.92
T58 U15 boys 300m A
12ASale Harriers Manchester40.16
24ATrafford AC41.46
33ATeam IOM41.93
41APreston Harriers42.42
56AWirral AC42.64
65AWest Cheshire AC43.80
T59 U15 boys 300m B
122BSale Harriers Manchester41.99
244BTrafford AC42.76
333BTeam IOM43.17
411BPreston Harriers44.11
566BWirral AC44.16
T60 U15 boys 300m match 2
12XAEast Cheshire48.49
222XBEast Cheshire53.07
T61 U15 girls 1500m match 1/2
16AWirral AC4:47.32
22ASale Harriers Manchester4:57.55
34ATrafford AC4:58.37
45AWest Cheshire AC4:59.39
566BWirral AC5:23.43
644BTrafford AC5:25.06
711BPreston Harriers5:37.39
833BTeam IOM5:39.85
922BSale Harriers Manchester5:41.36
1055BWest Cheshire AC5:42.29
112XAEast Cheshire5:43.12
121APreston Harriers5:43.25
133ATeam IOM6:04.73
T62 U15 boys 1500m match 1/2
14ATrafford AC4:15.73
26AWirral AC4:33.33
32ASale Harriers Manchester4:35.84
422BSale Harriers Manchester4:36.73
566BWirral AC4:38.30
644BTrafford AC4:38.52
72XAEast Cheshire4:46.26
81APreston Harriers4:52.38
922XBEast Cheshire4:58.89
103XAHorwich RMI Harriers5:22.77
113ATeam IOM6:00.64
T63 U13 girls 1200m match 1/2
12ASale Harriers Manchester3:57.56
222BSale Harriers Manchester3:58.03
36AWirral AC4:02.37
42XAEast Cheshire4:17.62
55AWest Cheshire AC4:24.03
666BWirral AC4:24.80
73ATeam IOM4:30.75
81APreston Harriers4:33.86
955BWest Cheshire AC4:37.40
1022XBEast Cheshire4:37.43
1133BTeam IOM4:49.68
T64 U13 boys 1200m match 1/2
12ASale Harriers Manchester3:40.10
26AWirral AC3:41.89
366BWirral AC3:47.82
44ATrafford AC3:49.25
533BTeam IOM3:49.93
61APreston Harriers3:56.84
711BPreston Harriers3:58.96
822BSale Harriers Manchester4:04.84
944BTrafford AC4:05.57
101XABorder Harriers4:20.77
113ATeam IOM4:27.09
1255BWest Cheshire AC4:28.70
T65 4x100 U15 relay
15AWest Cheshire AC51.40
26AWirral AC51.67
32ASale Harriers Manchester52.62
41APreston Harriers52.76
54ATrafford AC53.21
63ATeam IOM56.72
T66 U15 4x100 relay
12ASale Harriers Manchester49.03
21APreston Harriers49.84
34ATrafford AC49.85
43ATeam IOM52.39
56AWirral AC53.81
T67 4x100 U15 boys relay
13XAHorwich RMI Harriers54.79
22XAEast Cheshire57.46
T68 U13 boys 4x100m relay
16AWirral AC55.15
22ASale Harriers Manchester55.47
34ATrafford AC56.38
43ATeam IOM58.67
51APreston Harriers60.97
65AWest Cheshire AC64.75
T69 4x100m relay U13 boys
12XAEast Cheshire64.03
T70 4x100m relay U13 girls
15AWest Cheshire AC55.58
21APreston Harriers56.80
36AWirral AC57.13
43ATeam IOM58.83
54ATrafford AC59.12
DQ2ASale Harriers Manchester
T71 U13 girls 4x100m relay
12XAEast Cheshire62.48
23XAHorwich RMI Harriers64.97
T72 U15 girls 4x300m
15AWest Cheshire AC2:59.05
26AWirral AC2:59.11
34ATrafford AC3:08.95
41APreston Harriers3:11.01
52ASale Harriers Manchester3:11.51
63ATeam IOM3:27.48
T73 U15 girls 4x300m relay match 2
12XAEast Cheshire3:13.92
T74 3x400m U15 boys match 1/2
12ASale Harriers Manchester2:50.96
24ATrafford AC2:52.45
31APreston Harriers2:55.44
46AWirral AC3:06.73
52XAEast Cheshire3:21.64

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